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Betting is more than handicapping - its Discipline !!
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In addition to strict adherence to the Show Bettor's System Rules, the Track Bias is an important factor when a final decision is made on which horse to bet on in a particular race. Watch the races and watch the reruns - see if the speed horses are quitting or are they hanging on in the late stages of a race. Remember we are treating each play as an investment  not a gamble.  A little bit of research and analysis is important. We are playing the percentages and are looking for a high percentage of wins (finishing in the money).

Track Bias - the tendency of a racetrack to favor certain runners.

There are two types of Track Biases - Style (Speed, Closers and Off-the-Pace runners) and Position (inside or outside).    On a given day(s) a track may favor a combination of both, such as "inside speed" or "outside closers".  Also, conditions and biases may and will change from day-to-day and even race-to-race. Watch-the- races and Watch-the-Harrows, these are those track maintenance vehicles that smooth the racing surface between races.  If they line up such that the leading vehicle is on the outside - they will most likely be moving dirt to the inside thereby improving the outside footing. Similarly if the lead vehicle is on the inside they are probably moving dirt off the rail and this would favor inside speed horses.  The ground crew can change a track condition at anytime. "I got this from an old gent in Kentucky".

Based upon the above, if 2 or 3 horses qualify then check the track Bias for the day and go with "speed" or the "closer"   

Other Information - personal tips!

  • In New York when there's a Pick 6 Carryover - bet inside horses with speed !!

  • On wet tracks go with the speed horse - especially in sprints.

  • Favorites or lower price horses are a safer bet on turf.


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