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Coming soon - a service that qualifies races and horses you can bet to show !!

Give yourself a break - and start betting like an investor and watch you bank account grow.  It takes discipline and a commitment to "only bet to show" .. hard to do but after 30 days you will be convinced.  How much you 'earned" and how much you didn't lose !! 

Interesting - Folks last year at my annual visit to Saratoga  (part business partly fun).  I met a gent from Barbados who bets $1 million a day online - 200 races an average of $5,000 a race.

He's the real thing - he addressed an online betting conference. He has a system of betting all sorts of combos - exactas etc ... the basic principal is that he looks for a return on each race... plus the patronage dollars he receives for his action ... fantastic young man.

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