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Hi. I bought your system and am working hard with it. I hit 70% today with a $3.30 average.                                                                    Question  How do you take into consideration a "muddy track" ,if at all ?  Thanks much, JS 

Good Morning,   I purchased your system Tuesday,  and Id like to say thank you for offering a system that                                                           actually wasnt a scam.  Your system is working as advertised as Im taking daily and week old forms and                                                         looking at the results in the results charts.  

Ok thanks for the advice, I play a lot of the smaller tracks and you're right the rules work bettor                                              on the distance races.     I made $100 or more for the first 4 days using the system - PL   

Hey JS I honestly doubted this when we met and since it was only $24 for the system, I                                                   figured what the heck.  After 6 days using it at the track and with the simulcast races Im a                                                         believer.  My problem is that I still get the urge to make a win bet now and then. But Im going                                                to stay with this and as you say discipline!!. Thanks again for your advice and for the system.                                                  I hope to see you again at Saratoga ... JN

Wow! Within 18 hours of downloading the program I embarked on a                 trial run at my local O.T.B. facility, here at the San Bernardino              Co. fairgrounds. Within 20 minutes I picked, per the program 4              races, two at Belmont, and two at Churchill, all on Fri.,5/04/07.              All four showed or better! One won. A $60.00 investment on three            races, netted me $37.00 profit. I did not bet in one race. Shut                out at the window. Better than 50% profit in less than 2hrs time.              Can you say, "Wow! This really works?" I now can. I am very             optimistic about astute investing. I'm glad I found you.SK,                  Apple Valley, Ca.

I just came from my first OTB day using your system exclusively. I toned it down to $10 for my                                regular play and $20 for the lower odds horses. I  stretched out the acceptable odds to 7 to 1 and                                  came away with a + $74. I was going to go +/- $25 for the  first trip. The thing I liked best it                                       steered me  totally away from those ' Flyer ' bets. This is the first  time I came home with that                                     much money without  hitting  a long-shot exacta in a long long time. I can see also how it would be                               better to play online where you do get rebates. You are churning a lot of money back into
the windows. Keep me posted on any updates and hopefully I will continue to bring home                                             $75-$100 a day. I see now that IT CAN BE DONE   thanks, ... BB

I received the System on Thursday and my first 3 days betting resulted in winning                                    days.  I won $112, $202 and $178.  Amazing especially after I lost my first 2 bets.                                 You're right I haven't made a win bet yet. ... GS

I like the system, the best was when I bet show on a horse I normally would have bet to                                     win. He had the lead in the stretch and got beat in the last few strides. He paid $3.60 to                                 show.  So far I've had 6 winning days and 2 loosing days.  I'm getting to learn how to                                     adjust. Thanks ... TT  

I had one of my best betting days ever.  What I noticed is that the payoffs at the smaller tracks are                                                             much higher however I get fewer races to bet on.  I can't wait for the next day to start betting.                                                                      Thanks for the wake up call.  ... DT

Congratulations, The show betting system ground out $ 121 profit from 31 plays today.                                  Its a grinders system not ever gonna have big payouts but my wagering account ain't                       complaining. It is an excellent well thought out system of play that produces profits.                                       Ya can't ask for better than that.   I even tried it on English Form - yes it works in                                        the UK too. Thanks for sharing it - was well worth the bucks it cost ... AW  

This is a very simple but yet extraordinary system.  I started           monitoring it and it works very well. I really like it - Do you                have any more rules or Upgrades for this system that refine the             rules? PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME IF THERE IS ANYTHING FURTHER                 ON THIS SYSTEM--I LOVE IT! ... MM

Responses to a recent inquiry.... "can I win $400 - $600 a day?" 

My reply - I bet with sometimes I go to the Suffolk OTB Racing Forum or                                          the Palace.   I start with a $200 bankroll each day -  $20 to show on each race I bet - (I don't play                                every race) occasionally I double up - never more than $40 on any race. 
My best day was +$380 and on my worse days I lose $200 (that's the max I'll lose in any day).                                         If you set your base bet at $40 a race - yes you can net $400 a day. The hardest thing is to develop                                    a Wall Street Type discipline - each bet should be like a major investment in a stock - you want a                                 return on your money - so you must get a high percentage of winners.
Today I'll bet 9 tracks about 60 races (that's $1200)  - my target is 45 wins (3 out of 4) at $                                           3.20 or $1440 for a net of $240. I'll identify the qualifiers in each race - watch the odds and bet                                   within the last 2 minutes.  Remember to apply Rule 7 !! ... SHOWBETTOR


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