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Bet Every Day - with a Wall Street Discipline!!
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It has literally taken me 50 years to realize that no matter how well you handicap or bet "it comes down to luck and money management."      Luck is not something you can controlled  - however, once recognized it should be exploited -

 This is your lucky day.

Sez who ?

I'm in my sixties, a Mathematician, a Chairman of a Technology Investment company and an avid "Horse Racing Enthusiast". That's another way to say "Horse Player".  Never understood why they don't call Wall Street guys - Stock Players. In my old computer company I developed breeding and  pedigree analysis  software for a leading Thoroughbred Horse Auctioneer.  Years ago I  published the Top Turf Tip Sheet that sold at NY tracks. Now, I'm semi-retired, I live in a million dollar home on Long Island, drive a Mercedes, fish and play golf in the morning and 

                             I BET (to show only) ONLINE EVERY DAY.

Way back when !! - a long time ago !!

My first trip to a racetrack was back at old Jamaica in Queens, NY.  My uncle gave me $10 to bet - I put it on a 4-1 shot and won. Next I put $20 to win on a 5-1 shot and that won and followed that with $40 to  win on an even money favorite.  In a few hours I was up a couple hundred dollars - I thought .. this is easy !    Fifty years later I've probable lost over a million dollars - and I still think I'm a good handicapper.   Like most players I've  had good and bad days. I've hit huge exactas, triples and pick-6's.  The problem was that I never knew when I was going to win or lose - it was always a guessing game with luck being the unknown and differentiating factor.  You win a race by a nose and you think you're a genius.  If you lost the bob you think you're unlucky.  In my early years while in Kentucky an old gent, introduced me to the "Hay Money System".     This was a show betting concept used by trainers to generate "feed money" for their owner's horses.  The problem was that in those days there were only 8 or 9  races run at a track and only 4 or 5 races qualified as a show bet type race.  The system was solid but the opportunities were limited... then !   

Simulcasting, OTB and Online Betting.

Nowadays with Simulcasting, OTB and Online Betting, on most days you have access to betting over 100 races, and half of these  will qualify as a show-bettable race.   I normally bet on 40-50 races. I bet varying amounts based upon a Wall Street Type Discipline.  I've been netting an average $200 a day "automatically".   With all the available statistics, the Daily Racing Form and access to prior race video replays the "disciplined player" can develop a meaningful edge for himself.    Show betting,  with "track odds is most  important" and the extra dime you get because of the ten cent breakage ( payoffs of $3.50 rather than $3.40) greatly add to this edge.  Where else can you make a return of 40-50% on your money in less than 2 minutes?     


Finally, patronage and Player rewards  is something we should come to expect and learn to take advantage of.  When I eat at the same restaurant four or five times I expect the owner to send over a drink, a  bottle of wine or some other gesture.  Similarly learn to use the betting sites that take care of their customers.  Follow our preferred links for more information.   Over the coming months we will be adding a wide range of benefits that together we have earned.   

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